Keeping it real with Brian Doyle, editor of the award-winning “Portland Magazine”

Brian Doyle is the editor of the University of Portland's award-winning Portland Magazine.

We begin this grand blog adventure with an interview with the irrepressible Brian Doyle, who edits the illustrious and award-winning Portland Magazine for the University of Portland.

Under Brian’s leadership, Portland Magazine received the 2005 Shibley Award as the best university magazine in North America and has racked up additional CASE awards over the years. It presents a deft mixture of thought-provoking stories, photo spreads, and essays that inspire non-alumni like me to pony up each year and make a donation, just so we can get the magazine.

(Read an archive of some of the best articles and features in Portland Magazine from the UP website).

I interviewed Brian about how and why he does what he does. His answers could be considered a treatise on how to make sure your university / college magazine stays innovative and relevant. Read the rest of this entry »